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Introducing Claim XP Season 2: Portals of Infinity

May 31, 2024

Sergiu Biris

A headline saying: Introducing Claim XP Season 2, Portals of Infinity, together with 5 flames representing milestones in a daily xp claiming streak.

At xPortal, FUN isn't just a feature – it's our DNA. That's why we're always seeking new ways to elevate your experience. Whether you're diving into crypto, cash, or entertainment, your active engagement deserves recognition.

That's where XP comes in – it's your badge of honor for dedication, and now, in Season 2, it becomes a gateway to thrilling adventures, captivating stories, and amazing rewards.

Welcome to Portals of Infinity.

Portals of Infinity launches on Saturday, June 1st, 2024, marking the start of an epic new adventure in xPortal. In this season, everyone's streak is reset to zero, giving every user an equal opportunity to climb the ranks and earn incredible rewards.

Rooted deeply in community feedback, Season 2: Portals of Infinity introduces several changes, starting with the entire feature being moved on-chain. The MultiversX blockchain, to be precise. This change brings countless benefits, including increased transparency, higher on-chain activity, the elimination of errors or tampering, and enhanced security.

Plus, the on-chain system is epoch-based, making it fairer and more consistent for all users.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Update your app: Ensure you have the latest version of the xPortal app.
  2. Claim daily XP: Each time you claim your daily XP, you’ll sign a transaction on the blockchain.

We’ve also upped the stakes with more and better rewards for your streaks. Here’s a look at what you can earn this season:

Table with Season 2: Portals of Infinity rewards

In addition to the regular rewards, we’re introducing Streak Repair SFTs. These special collectibles work like consumables (they get burned when used) and can repair your streak if you miss a day. You can repair a streak within 5 days and repair up to five consecutive days missed at once. Users who ended Season 1 with a streak longer than 30 days will receive a one-time Streak Repair Spell SFT airdrop.

A hand hovering over symbols made of light, casting a spell

Season 2: Portals of Infinity isn’t just about rewards but also the journey. Each user becomes the main character in Portals of Infinity, progressing through a captivating storyline filled with mysterious portals, powerful factions, and epic challenges.

As you claim your XP and hit milestones, you’ll collect unique SFTs that unlock parts of this thrilling narrative. Collecting all SFTs is crucial for the end of the season and for some new surprises we’re preparing along the way (probably nothing, wink, wink ;-)).

Explore how the adventure unfolds and discover the secrets that await you:

Person looking over a futuristic city and a sky full of portals

Season 1 was pretty epic (you can read more about how Season 1 ended and how the reward tiers are structured here). So epic that we decided to make it an annual recurring event. Every June, we will launch a new season, bringing fresh challenges, rewards, and stories for our community to enjoy. Don’t miss out on this epic new chapter of xPortal. Update your app, hit the milestones, and start collecting those cool rewards like there’s no tomorrow.

Last but not least, this development, like many others, wouldn’t have happened without your incredible support. Whether it was by claiming XP daily, providing valuable feedback, or simply spreading good vibes, your contribution played an integral part in bringing this new season to life. Thank you for being awesome and for being part of this incredible journey.