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Ending Season 1 of claiming daily XP with a bang!

May 30, 2024

Sergiu Biris

Headline "Ending Claim XP Season 1 with a bang" together with a phone displaying xPortal's Play section and two holo stars flying around.

From the very beginning, the xPortal community has shown remarkable enthusiasm and dedication. For over a year now, users have been having fun interacting with the xPortal app, claiming daily XP, leveling up their profiles, and building incredibly long streaks. 

Now, as we prepare to elevate this entire experience to a whole new level, it’s time to bring Epoch Wanderers, our first season, to a close, and reward the users who put in the efforts to gather as many streak days as possible.

To celebrate your dedication, we’ve set up 10 different reward tiers, each designed to recognize the varying levels of engagement and the streaks maintained by you throughout this season. Whether you've been with us from the start or joined us along the way, there's a reward waiting for you at the other end. 

We’re rewarding Mystery boxes, discounts at xDay 2024, extra launchpad tickets and much more! See below which reward you should be looking forward to:

Table with Season 1 reward tiers

As we look back on Epoch Wanderers, we are  excited and inspired by the incredible streaks and milestones achieved by our community. The interest and participation shown this season have been nothing short of amazing: 

  • More than 10,000 users at this very moment have a streak longer than 30 days.
  • An incredible 200+ users haven’t missed a single day since our very launch. We love that type of commitment, guys!

Yes, that’s >= 458 days of relentlessly showing up. That’s some hardcore consistency and dedication right there.

A couple of cosmic wanderers looking at the starry sky

As we prepare to wrap up this first amazing season on May 31st, we are also gearing up for Season 2, called Portals of Infinity, which kicks off on June 1st 2024. This new season will be even more exciting and engaging, with more rewards and enhanced features which we’ve introduced based on your feedback, but also a new chance for everyone who hasn’t already joined in on the fun to start afresh, as all streaks will be reset to 0.

Read more about Season 2: Portals of Infinity and everything that's new in it here.

A woman opening defending a portal in a futuristic city

For all of you who took part in Season 1, we say congrats! Your commitment strengthened our community, making it more vibrant and engaging than ever. 

We’re all looking forward to a spectacular Season 2. Let’s do this!