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Celebrating innovation and community: xPortal and MultiversX shine at Blockchain Life Forum 2024

Apr 19, 2024

xPortal Team

Sergiu Biris accepting the 'Best Crypto Wallet Solution' award in the background and the xPortal and Blockchain Life logos

8,000+ attendees from over 120 countries together with the 160+ speakers that took the stage and the 150+ booths showcased made Blockchain Life Forum 2024 a real melting pot of ideas and advancements in the blockchain space. 

Despite the torrential rains that made the streets of Dubai look more like Venetian waterways than desert city highways and caused the 2nd day of the event to be rescheduled, the high spirits of the attendees remained unshaken (because who doesn’t like a good water challenge, right?).

Amidst the extreme backdrop, MultiversX and xPortal stood out by winning two important awards that shine a light on our relentless work during the past years, and also, perhaps even more importantly – on the amazing community that stands behind us.

xPortal was voted as the "Best Crypto Wallet Solution", an award that speaks volumes about its user experience and satisfaction, while MultiversX was recognized as the "Fastest Growing Blockchain," a testament to its rapid development and the robust, innovative tech underlying the network.

Sergiu Biris' colorful smile after being handed the awards

These awards are not just accolades; they do indeed come as a celebration of our work and vibrant community, but they also serve as a powerful motivator for the team, reinforcing our commitment to pushing both ourselves and the boundaries of what’s possible a bit further every day.

As we move forward, fueled by this recognition and support, we are incredibly grateful to everyone who supported and voted for us and look forward to achieving even greater milestones together. Let’s continue to build, innovate, and grow!