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Welcoming a new wave of ESDT tokens to xPortal

Dec 29, 2023

Emanuel Daniciuc

The 19 logos of the 19 ESDT tokens being listed hovering above a phone displaying the xPortal home page.

Whether we’re talking crypto, cash, or some good fun, offering users streamlined access to these services was always one of our core missions. Today, we're thrilled to announce another leap forward in this vision with the inclusion of nineteen new MultiversX ESDT tokens in our app, each bringing their own unique twist to your crypto adventure.

ESDTs, or eStandard Digital Tokens, are your passport to a more personalized and efficient token experience on the MultiversX network. Imagine them as a smooth, streamlined way to create and handle custom tokens without having to navigate complicated contracts. Unlike traditional methods, ESDTs keep things speedy and scalable, just like everything else MultiversX. 

From gaming innovations and DeFi solutions to the whimsical world of memecoins and the artistic realm of NFTs, the tokens being added in this suite cater to a broad spectrum of interests and needs.

Much like everything we do, this mass listing is meant to serve both builders and users alike. While for builders this translates into increased visibility and exposure to xPortal’s extensive user base, for users it brings access to their favorite economies in just a few taps. 

The tokens being added in this series are:

Plata Network - $PLATA

Knights of Cathena - $CGO

CowCow - $MOOVE

xLauncher - $XLH

Burnify - $BFY

OneDex - $ONE

Beskar - $BSK

Salsa - $LEGLD

GoCharge - $CHARGED

EvoLoad - $EVLD

Proteo - $PROTEO

SuperRare Bears - $RARE

Globees - $BEE

TrustTrading - $TTG

Padawan - $PADAWAN

Ofero - $OFE

PeerMe - $SUPER

MaiarPunks - $TOLKEN

Water - $WATER

All these projects and tokens have successfully completed our ESDT token listing process, a list of minimum requirements we've put in place with the aim of boosting security and user experience.

The eligibility criteria, application form and more details about the process can be found here.

We encourage everyone to check out the eligibility criteria, pick up the tools and start building. The rise of AI-powered tools and no-code interfaces coupled with initiatives like ‘Builders Office Hours’ mean that it’s easier than ever to bring an idea to life. Technical background or not, it’s the best time to build. 


Please note that the listing of these ESDT tokens on xPortal does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of these projects by xPortal or MultiversX. The inclusion of these tokens on our platform is intended to provide our users with a wider range of options and should not be interpreted as financial advice or a guarantee of profitability.