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Kickstarting xPortal’s expansion to new chains with Binance Smart Chain

Dec 19, 2023

Emanuel Daniciuc

A visual with dark background with xPortal & Binance logo

A major part of the vision introduced at xDay consists in opening up xPortal to new chains and tokens, thus creating a more complete experience for existing users, but also opening up access to its slick design and revolutionary features to new ecosystems and communities.

Today, we are happy to officially announce the integration of Binance Smart Chain into our app.  Binance Smart Chain BNB is already live in xPortal and users are able to send, receive and swap it cross-chain with just a few taps. 

Given its high efficiency, low transaction costs, thousands of tokens and contracts created on the network and its hefty user base, the decision to start our expansion into other chains with integrating BSC is a natural one.

Apart from laying the groundwork for other BSC tokens which will be added further down the road, the integration marks a first step in our much bolder goal of expanding well beyond the frontiers of the MultiversX ecosystem.

As we move forward with our design, we're excited about the many possibilities this integration unlocks. It's about much more than adding a new feature, integrating a new chain or listing a new token – but about opening doors to new opportunities, for existing and future users alike.