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Blockchain, friendships, and fun: xPortal’s thrilling experience at Paris Blockchain Week

Apr 15, 2024

xPortal Team

Faded background of xPortal's PBW booth with xPortal and PBW logos on top

As the official event wallet of Paris Blockchain Week we had the unique opportunity to immerse ourselves in the heart of blockchain innovation and community. During the 3 days spent in Paris, our PBW24 booth became a bustling hub where we exchanged ideas and sparked new conversations, soon to bloom into full-fledged collaborations. 

One of the highlights of our presence at the event was the introduction of our AR treasure hunt, which turned the beautiful city of Paris into a real-life playground. Armed only with their xPortal app and their thirst for adventure, participants embarked on an epic quest to discover 7 unique SFTs scattered across 7 Parisian landmarks. The hunt was not only a journey through the charming streets of Paris but also a fun and engaging way to explore the capabilities of our platform. Hundreds joined the quest, winning collectibles, EGLD, and PBW25 tickets along the way, all of them enhancing their experience of xPortal, PBW, as well as Paris as a whole.

As the official wallet, xPortal is also the medium through which the official event NFTs are distributed to participants. Aside from being great blends between art and mathematics, the chosen artworks, part of Darko Pavic’s ‘Patterns of Chaos’ generative art collection, are perfect representations of the PBW spirit of collaboration and innovation.

The excitement at our booth was contagious, with blockchain enthusiasts, builders and other curious minds being drawn in to find out more about what xPortal has to offer. Our team was thrilled to showcase the innovative features of xPortal, helping users and potential partners see firsthand how our platform can enhance their digital experiences. These moments of direct engagement are invaluable as they enhance awareness of our product as well as reinforce our commitment to user-centric innovation and community building.

Through these interactions, we laid the groundwork for numerous collaborations and partnerships. From startups to established blockchain enterprises, we engaged with a diverse range of builders and entities, all eager to integrate and grow alongside xPortal. These conversations are just the beginning, promising exciting developments in various verticals that will enrich our platform and expand our ecosystem.

As we reflect on our week in Paris, we are grateful for the community that surrounds and supports us. The friendships forged and the partnerships initiated are the true treasures we brought home. Looking forward, we are excited to build on these relationships and continue to drive innovation. Thank you to everyone who joined us at PBW24, and everyone who supported us from their homes. See you in the next one!